Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Praise for my writing

'Karl Parkinson’s Litany of the City centres on a long and ambitious poetic statement, a key-work that acts as a hub or server connecting and empowering the collection’s other texts. His twenty-page-long title poem is an extravagant rant that’s sweaty with lust and appetite...' ' ‘Litany of the City’ lies very much in the tradition of both The Great Hunger and The Waste Land, presenting Dublin, though it could be any city really, as an ever-expanding chamber of horrors, as a zone of multiple sterilities where the lives of young and old alike are broken and made bestial, where potential vanishes like a beer-buzz...' 'presented with a vitalising sorrow and rage, but also with what can only be described as a sense of fun. Bruce Springsteen (definitely not name-checked) comes to mind here, especially the work from the Darkness at the Edge of Town era. Parkinson, like Springsteen, is willing to party while he preaches and shares with Asbury’s finest a fury at the world that is conditional rather than constitutional.'
--Billy Ramsell, Poet, chair of Ireland bursary winner 2013

'Karl Parkinson's Litany of The City and Other Poem is almost a Leaves of Grass of the dark side of Dublin. There is to me a kind of deep paradox inherent in his works. There is a reveling in things most would turn their faces from, junkies, young girls giving blow jobs for heroin, natural geniuses on the dole, beer cans all over a filthy apartment in the projects expressed in what most see as the most elite literary form, the poem...' 'When I read a poet, I ask myself can I stretch my life experiences through her or his work, do they know something I don't, do I like the way they use words, do their words ring with truth, have they read deeply some good books, are they not afraid of the ugly truths about themselves. In Parkinson's work, I would answer yes to each question.
I really liked Litany of The City and Other Poems. I read the full collection four times and the lead poem, five. I will read it more in the future. I hope to read other collections by Parkinson and completely endorse this collection.'
-- Mel Ulm , The reading life.

Debut collection from a beatific Dubliner who is already a legend on the spoken word circuit, and, in my opinion, the most vital poet to emerge from inner city Dublin since Paula Meehan. This would make a great present for someone young who loves or needs inspiration. This book is an inspiration machine.
--Dave Lordan, writer, critic and editor.

Karl Parkinson is the lyric poem made flesh. He defends what's sacred about our humanity by turning the dark energy of Dublin city back on itself. His poems are hypnotic, shamanic creations that spiral into our world like woven spells. Words that bloom and sprawl into life like vines tearing down the walls surrounding us.Karl Parkinson is a pioneer - rushing ahead to remind us that we are made by the city but not chained to the city, and showing us ultimately how art can transcend it. -- Colm Keegan Poet and Writer
Familial, fond, hopeful and radical [...] Poetry that is stimuli to all senses. -- Elayne Harrington, Spoken word artist, and rapper.

Monday, 27 January 2014


Debut book of poems Litany of The City and Other Poems 
Was published in 2013 by Wurmpress.

The Stinging Fly, New Planet Cabaret Anthology(New Island press, RTE) ,
Penduline( as the featured writer in their Irish issue), Can Can, Census(7Towers anthology 1 & 2),
The poetry Bus, Revival Journal, Baby Beef heart Zine and has been broadcast on RTE Radio's Arena arts Show a number of times.

Performances by invitation as featured reader:  
The March Hare festival, Newfoundland Canada. The Nuyorican Poets cafe in New York city.
The Electric Picnic Festival. The Irish Embassy in London. Demented Eloquence Scotland.
The Monday Echo. The Brown Bread Mixtape. Over The Edge. Tongue Box. O Bheal.
The Glor Sessions. Loq and many more.

Leinster heat winner of all Ireland championship in 2010.
All Ireland runner up in 2011.

Winner of the most entertaining video of the year at Balcony TV awards in 2009. 

Friday, 17 January 2014

Brand New Blog

I've decided to start a blog. As a Internet home base for me--Karl Parkinson(Poet).

I will be adding Info on my writing and teaching soon.

I will also do the blogging stuff-- Musings, spewing out thoughts and such.